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datalab is a research lab where large data collections are searched and analysed. Current research @ datalab focuses on tackling problems that cannot solved by means of traditional techniques, due to the inherent nature of data or to the architecture of the system at hand.

datalab is equipped with a computer cluster using BigData platforms, like Hadoop, Spark, Storm, and Flink.

datalab is the site of the Innovation Development Center: a lab, based on Google for Work technology, supported by Injenia (Premier Google Partner in Italy).

datalab collaborates with the BigData lab @ CINI and with the SuperComputing Applications and Innovation (SCAI) department @ CINECA.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Bologna
Ground floor of "aule nuove" building
Viale del Risorgimento, 2
40136, Bologna - ITALY
Tel: +39 051 20 93014

Research Activities
Additional details on the current research activities can be found in the sites of involved research groups:
MultiMedia DataBase group Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery group
MMDBGroup, DISI, University of Bologna DMKDGroup, DISI, University of Bologna

Concerning data querying, where the aim is to find those objects and data that are better suited to fulfill the information needs of non-expert users, we consider novel techniques taking into account both effectiveness (i.e. "quality" of results) and efficiency aspects of the search process, in order to scale it to large data volumes. Moreover, we also take into account the need to provide the user with simple but powerful tools, able to smooth the processes of query creation/customization and of result interpretation. Until now, we applied our techniques to a plethora of different media types (images, videos, text documents, time series, etc.), to genetic data and to patterns obtained through Data Mining processes (associative rules, clusters, etc.), and recently to genomic data.

Concerning data analysis, our research activity focuses on mining genomic and proteomic data, text documents and unstructured data, on mining data on distributed self-organized architectures (like peer-to-peer systems), on ubiquitous computing (like intelligent sensors or mobile devices networks), and on high-performance multi- and many-core architectures.

  • Paolo Ciaccia, full professor
  • Claudio Sartori, full professor
  • Marco Patella, full professor, responsible and contact person
  • Ilaria Bartolini, full professor, responsible and contact person
  • Stefano Lodi, associate professor
  • Giacomo Domeniconi, Ph.D. student
  • Francesco Urbinelli, fellow
  • Andrea Di Luzio, fellow
  • Francesco Calabria, fellow
  • Michele Furini, fellow
  • Piero Montanari, fellow
  • Emanuele Dall'Ospedale, fellow
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