Claudio Sartori - Research

ESPRIT project 20840
"Corporation Integrated Multimedia Intelligent Assistant for Field Operators"

General Description

Development of a flexible multimedia application running co-operatively on corporate information systems and on portable (mobile) personal computers to organize and improve the efficiency of operators performing every-day activities in the field.

Special attention is paid to the development of intelligent multimedia assistant modules to facilitate the task of introducing and validating new data against existing one, and to guide the field staff through different operational and maintenance tasks.

  • Start: December 1995
  • End: April 1998
  • Participants
  • Software AG España, S.A. E
  • EA Technology Ltd UK
  • TEMA SpA I
  • Kat. Univ. Leuven B
  • DEIS participants
  • Prof. Claudio Sartori (responsible), prof. Sonia Bergamaschi, ing. Domenico Beneventano, ing. Stefano Lodi
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