PIBE (Personalizable Image Browsing Engine)



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Browsing: The hierarchical view of images is shown by adopting a spatial visualization approach, where high dimensional feature vectors (representing the images) are mapped on the 2-D screen (or on the 3-D viewing room), rather than presenting them in a sequential way, to highlight image similarity.
PIBE provides two browsing modalities to explore the collection: A traditional top-down modality (so-called vertical), where the user selects an image on the display (by clicking on it) and zooms in the corresponding BT node (i.e. images representing the children nodes are shown).

In the second modality (so-called horizontal) the user can express her interest in something that is similar to two or more images in the display, without visiting all the relevant branches one at a time (in the figure we enclose images from the same node within a hand-drawn region).