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Lecture slides

Last updated: January 12, 2011
# Subject 2 slides/foil
0 General Information 0.Info.pdf
00 Introduction 00.Introduction.pdf

01.1 Top-k Queries: basics 01.1.TopK.basics.pdf
01.2 Top-k Queries: advanced techniques (1) 01.2.TopK.advanced1.pdf
01.3 Top-k Queries: advanced techniques (2) 01.3.TopK.advanced2.pdf

02.1 Skyline Queries 02.1.Skyline.pdf
02.2 Preference relations 02.2.PreferenceRelations.pdf

03.1 Information Retrieval 03.1.InformationRetrieval.pdf
03.2 Latent Semantic Indexing 03.2.LSI.pdf
03.3 Web search engines 03.3.SearchEngines.pdf

04.1 Searching Multimedia Data 04.1.SearchingMMdata.pdf
04.2 Images 04.2.Images.pdf
04.3 Relevance Feedback 04.3.RelevanceFeedback.pdf
04.4 Time Series (1) 04.4.TimeSeries1.pdf
04.5 Time Series (2) 04.5.TimeSeries2.pdf
04.6 Indexing Multimedia Data
la slide 22 in formato PowerPoint 2007 (non leggibile nel file PDF)

05.1 Information Filtering 05.1.InformationFiltering.pdf
05.2 Recommender Systems 05.2.RecommenderSystems.pdf



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